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Guidelines to Authors
Basic Parameters of the Article

The article should have 4 - 8 typed pages, (750 - 1500 words) comprising:

  • Image of the author (Passport size JPEG image, High resolution)
  • Summary (In about 4-5 lines)
  • Introduction to the subject
  • Author's discussion on the subject
  • Complete references to Acts, Rules and Regulations, citations of cases, notification/circular numbers
  • References in the text should be cited with numbers in square brackets in order of their appearance in the text, and the citations should be in proper sequence.
  • Acknowledgements

The Article should be comprehensive, up to date and critical, on a recent topic of importance. It should cite latest references and identify the gaps to be addressed.

Submission of the Article will imply that it contains unpublished original work, and that it is not submitted elsewhere, even in part for publication.

Method of Submission

Manuscripts for Articles on Direct Tax, International Tax, GST and other Indirect Taxes are to be submitted through email to WK-India-Editor@wolterskluwer.com

Authors are also required to submit the following along with the manuscript
  • A covering letter of submission (giving the postal, and email addresses of the corresponding author)
  • Any unreported cases that are cited must be attached for the editor to access.
Review Process

Articles submitted would be reviewed by the Editorial team and decision regarding publishing / non publishing shall be the exclusive right of Wolters Kluwer.


The author will be required to send a signed letter transferring the copyright to Wolters Kluwer. This is not intended to stop the author from using the material in his daily practice and consultation, and is worded accordingly.